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IOC (Agip, Shell, Conoco): Dispute Regarding Česká rafinérská

Year: 2002

Crisis communications with the media and target groups regarding the dispute between foreign shareholders in Česká rafinérská and Unipetrol. The main goal of the project was to explain the cause of the dispute and reasons behind the supply shutoff of Česká rafinérská. The objective of the communication strategy was to create an environment that would result in an agreement of all shareholders on the future business strategy of Česká rafinérská.

Seven press releases were issued during the time period between the supply shutoff of Česká rafinérská in May 2002 and the final agreement in July 2002. Česká rafinérská shareholders reached an agreement on the change in operation of the company and establishment of a cost-center refinery.    

Contact: Michal Donath

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