Green Is Better Than Good Blue

Realisierungsjahr: 2007

This survey regarding the attitudes of companies and their senior managers towards the environment should open the hypothesis that information technologies are not perceived as a major energy consumer and that managers underestimate the possibilities for savings in this area. The aim was also to learn to what extent the managers’ attitudes towards the environment differ from the public’s attitudes.

Under the framework of the survey some 577 respondents were addressed, most of which have decision-making powers in the area of planning and realizing investments in information technology. The control group comprised visitors to the iDnes portal.

Main findings:

  • Managers’ attitudes towards general issues differed little from the control group’s attitudes. The managers, however, see developments in the state of the environment in the Czech Republic more favorably than the public.
  • Managers express less enthusiasm for plans to build another nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic.
  • Attitudes of the “Executive/General Manager” group generally do not differ much from those of the “Financial Director” group.
  • The “IT Manager” group’s attitudes often differ from those of the other two groups. Particularly from the frequency of the “I don’t know” answer it is clear that IT managers are not often involved in their companies’ decision-making processes.
  • Surprisingly, financial directors are often in the dark as to whether their companies take energy cost calculations into account when deciding on investments.

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