Importance of learning languages among pre-school-age children

Realisierungsjahr: 2008

From April 16 to May 2, 2008, The Bell School (, an international language school, in the assistance of DBM accomplished an on-line survey on the significance of learning foreign languages among pre-school-age children. On-line questioning addressed 321 headmasters of kindergartens in Prague who have authority and power of decision in foreign language learning in the particular kindergarten. The following survey results overview resulted from the responses of 95 directors which represent 30 percent of the total:

  • Teaching of foreign language at Czech kindergartens is regarded as a standard in these days.
  • English is the most frequent language. According to the respondents, 5 years is an optimum age to start.
  • The first contact with the language at pre-school-age facilitates helps foreign language learning in elementary school where the subject is obligatory.
  • Besides, these children are not afraid to use it.
  • Teacher is expected to have an excellent knowledge of the foreign language as well as a good command of the psychology of pre-school-age children. 
  • The Czech instructor from a language school with pedagogical education or practice is the most often teacher in the kindergartens.

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