Journalists Survey (July 2003)

Realisierungsjahr: 2003

The term "media relations" can probably be found among the services offered by all PR agencies. Judging by their criticism of each other, however, the relationship between journalists and PR executives is a somewhat unabalanced one. Although PR agencies believe their aim is to serve journalists as a source of information, some of them claim they can get by without them. Happily. This begs the question: Why?

Why shouldn't relations between journalists and PR executives be correct? Why do they suspect each other of behaving badly? Why do some PR executives sell their goods under the counter and after closing? Why do some journalists spurn transparently submitted and verifiable information just because its's from a PR agency that has signed the press release? This is the reason we conducted this research into opinions of Czech print media representatives. In it we focused on one of the most common methods used by companies and PR agencies to communicate with journalists - the press release.

I have always claimed that a PR agency's job is to serve print and electronic media only as a supplementary source of information, which the media should, and perhaps even must use as they see fit. If this is to happen, however, nobody can interfere with communication between PR agencies and journalists.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the journalists who took advantage of this opportunity and shared their opinions with us. I sincerely hope that it is the first step towards improving relations, deepening trust and mutual respect between journalists and respectable PR executives.

Michal Donath

Prague, July 2003

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