The Golden Ratio: The Balance Between Price and IT Needs

Conducted in: 2007

In a unique survey we used an identical questionnaire to ask almost 1,000 CIOs and CFOs of the top 500 Czech companies for their rationale on investing in computer technology. One of our main goals was to find the difference in perceptions between CIOs and CFOs.

“First you need to agree on what the company needs, and select the technical solution with the qualitative parameters. Then there are tender proceedings with the financial parameters.” (respondent/financial director, production of building materials)

Main findings:

  • Money does not come first
  • Increasing productivity and returns on investment is more important
  • Tried and tested solutions are preferred over the latest new ideas
  • When making decisions about purchases, the most important factor is quality service and the supplier’s reputation
  • The most important priorities in deciding on a purchase include maximum system security and disaster prevention
  • Decisions on purchasing a system are not always made by the people who will be responsible for it

Kontakt: Josef Průša

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