Who are Czech bloggers? Blogbarometer 2014

Conducted in: 2014

The survey was conducted as part of the larger project IPREX BLOGBAROMETERTM 2014, launched by the international network of PR agencies IPREX Global Communication in several European countries: Finland, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The Donath Business & Media PR agency conducted the survey in the Czech Republic online between April 22 and May 5, 2014, in cooperation with the MR Think consultancy. The purpose was to map out the Czech blogosphere.

Altogether, 394 respondents participated in the survey, of whom 296 responded to the invitation sent initially to 1,191 bloggers (24.9% of those addressed). Another 98 respondents answered the call on Facebook and the iDnes news portal. Unlike the DBM 2012 survey of journalists, we had no well-defined blogger population. This is why we based this survey on the intuitive perception that the respondents include beginners as well as seasoned bloggers with a blogging history of more than 10 years, from both big cities and smaller communities.

Key findings

According to this survey, the typical Czech blogger is a young woman aged 15-34 who writes about cosmetics, fashion and cooking, while men dominate in covering technical and political subjects. These findings make the Czech Republic no different from other European countries. The average age of the bloggers who responded is about 31; in Germany and the United Kingdom, it is 40 and 36, respectively.

Bloggers usually write posts several times a month (36.0%) or a week (35.5%). No less than 14.0% of Czech bloggers contribute in English. Less than one-quarter of the authors contribute to more than one blog.

The most popular blogging subjects are beauty and cosmetics (28.3%), and fashion, style and apparel (22.8%). Ranking third is blogging on food, cooking and drink (19.6%), and travel is fourth (19.3%).

Most respondents (62.3%) have been blogging for less than five years, although several authors taking part in the survey started blogging 18 or even 20 years ago.

Almost half of the respondents (47.7%) stated that blogging brought them financial and other benefits, or they planned them for the future, although only 4.5% said this was important. The most common forms of such benefits are free samples of products, invitations to various events or advertising revenue. For their own publicity, bloggers predominantly use Facebook (57.0%). About one-third (33.9%) of the bloggers have been addressed directly by firms offering cooperation.

In view of bloggers’ ethics, the respondents fall into three almost equal groups: 33.7% believe the same ethical standards should apply to them as to journalists, 34.0% deny this and 32.3% do not know.

The majority of the respondents (58.8%) consider hostility and vulgarity to be the main problems in the Czech blogosphere. 36.2% of the bloggers cite breach of copyright to texts and images, and 27.2% mention inadequate verification of sources.

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