Blogs and social networks through the eyes of corporate communicators 2015

Conducted in: 2015

The survey was conducted as a supplement to the broader project IPREX BlogbarometerTM 2015, which was implemented for the second year in the international network of PR agencies IPREX Global Communication in a number of European countries.

PR agency Donath Business & Media, in cooperation with the consulting firm MR. Think (Market Research Think) conducted an online survey in the Czech Republic between November 5 and 20, 2015.

Of the total 464 marketing and PR managers invited, 207 (44.6%) took part in the survey. 

Key findings 

It has been confirmed that social networks and blogs are increasingly important for firms and organizations. Most respondents (56.9%) stated that the importance of social networks has increased in the past year in their spheres of interest. The blogosphere has grown in importance for 31.5% of firms.

More than every second firm (52.0%) monitors social networks on a daily basis, and more than every tenth firm (11.9%) monitors (video) blogs. 

Social networks are essential for 65.1% of firms and organizations; the blogosphere is important to only 26.7%, and one-half of firms do not monitor it at all.

Of the firms and organizations involved in the survey, 79.0% communicate on social networks. Only 27.6% of them address bloggers. The structure of the more active ones corresponds to the bloggers’ perception in the previous Blog Barometer™ survey. 

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