Curious Laughing Cow

Conducted in: 2005 - 2006

In 2005, BEL Syry Cesko – producer of “La vache qui rit” (Laughing Cow) brand cheese – commissioned Donath-Burson-Marsteller (DBM) to invent a PR program targeting the youth between the ages of 12 to 16. DBM devised and implemented a nation-wide survey of the unconventional and expressive speech of school children – school slang. DBM designed internet polling as part of school computer lessons curriculum in order to increase the response rate and impact. A total of 3,500 schools (63 percent of elementary and high schools) were asked to participate, and 26,691 pupils took part in the three-week polling data gathering phase. The polling was conducted as if the brand’s mascot – the Laughing Cow – was asking the children for their responses. A Czech leading market research company, Factum Invenio, assured compliance with the ICC/ESOMAR rules and ethical standards. The State Institute for Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences took part in designing the research methodology and in interpreting the research findings.  This project created a creative PR stunt of having the Laughing Cow poll children on school slang helped to open multiple channels of direct communication of the Laughing Cow brand towards the target group; there were many communication opportunities created towards the media; the resulting coverage initiated a wide-ranging public discussion on means of expression of contemporary youth; and new direct marketing opportunities for the Laughing Cow brand were created and exploited. The research project also produced a unique database of school slang containing 600,000 words and phrases, which is suitable for further linguistic examination and has cultural importance for future analyses of the Czech language.

The Project won an Ekonom Award for Public Relations projects in 2005 in Business-to-Consumer category.

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